Hi!  I’m so glad you like what I have to say and would like to reach out to me directly.  Feel free to use the form below to reach out to me.

Things you can contact me for:

  • Feedback on a topic — although it would be better to post in the comments or in our reddit community
  • Topics for future blog posts or podcasts where you would like to see my perspective
  • Request for me to speak at your company/event/conference or some sort of media-related interview
  • Request for me to advise you on your pitch deck
  • You are interested in employing me in some manner
  • Anything related to your personal data

Things you should not contact me for (through this venue):

  • Ideas about a company you want to start.  Read this article instead.  I’m really only interested in companies at the product level or above, meaning you have a functioning prototype at least and some customer traction
  • Anything related to any of the other enterprises I am involved in. Those requests should go through the official channels related to those enterprises
  • Networking or introductions – please do that through LinkedIn
  • Funding your company/idea/concept