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Thoughts on go-to-market strategies.

The PWIN Paradox of Enterprise Sales

One of the tools put forth in my article on how to execute enterprise sales is the Probability of Win (PWIN) calculation. There is a fundamental paradox though that occurs when your competitors all use this method. That’s okay, it’s expected.

Enterprise Software Sales Metrics for Startups

As an engineer, I love to analyze things. To my great delight, when I made the transition to business development and sales, I found that there has been a great deal of work done by like-minded people to turn what seems like a creative art into a process as rigorous as any science-based discipline. While I believe working with customers requires high EQ with a highly-tuned personal touch, you can still measure execution and set priorities using math. I’ll walk you through how to do that in this post.

The Enterprise Software Sales Playbook for Startups

In this article, I walk through the enterprise software sales playbook I have developed during my career, which in turn has come from the playbooks of those I have learned from. I have refined my approach over the years, and here I give you my handbook for enterprise sales (for startups).